The project E-SCAPE acronym of Exploring Supportive Creative Alternative Paths for Education, is a Strategic Partnership Project in the field of Youth co-financed by the Erasmus plus Programme of the European Commission.

This idea came from the consortium of partners who would like to bring innovation in youth work by creating new tools and sharing good practices for other youth workers, educators, institutions and anyone who is involved in education of young people.

As an idea to fight the crisis caused by the COVID-19 and to explore other educational path we are exploring educational escape rooms as a powerful tool for the development of new competences for young people. It comes from the idea that educational escape rooms are not so used in the education system and the few examples we found have been very powerful, we noticed the total lack of educational escape rooms online so we will create them to update and apply the digital youth work principles with it.

The project will last from March 2021 to February 2023.

The Objectives:

– Provide an innovative ICT–based model, with theoretical and practical methods that will motivate young professionals in NGOs to enhance creative skills on young people and their target groups.

– Support youth workers to harness the potential of digital learning environments to build high-value skill sets within their target groups;

– Test with applying innovative methodology in each partner country and gather feedback for improvements;

– Expand youth workers’ tutoring tools with an enabler for conducting “Educational Escape Room” games, and encourage them to create online learning opportunities for youth;

– Strengthen cooperation in the cultural and creative sector and exchange of information and good practices between diverse entities in different areas of Europe.